Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Bang Therory

Have you ever tuned in your radio dial and found a connection so pure that it sounds like your radio turned into a Bose?

That is what home sounds like to me... usually. I love the sounds of being home.

I love the quiet of the pond in the early morning before the fountains swoosh on. The occasional fish making a belly flop after eating an airborne insect.
The pat pat pat of an early morning jogger making her way down the side walk.  Glorie Halleluiah's tail smacking on the wall next to the backdoor ready for her pee-walk.
Oh, the sounds of being home.
But there is one sound that will ring through our house no more. And it's a good thing.
That would be the sound of Papa Joe compliantly putting the toilet seat down ever so not delicately. BANG. 
He got points for replacing the seat but how many nights have I had a dream that I was shot all because  he threw down the toilet seat? One would have been too many.
Enter my hero and marriage counselor - the plumber.
Did you know that Lowes has a toilet seat that closes half way and then gently settles down?
Well they do and that little home improvement has added years to my ( and maybe Papa Joe's ) life.  Best part?  It costs a mere $14.95.
Soooooooooooooo much cheaper than a lawyer and anything that keeps me out of the criminal reports in the newspaper is a good thing.
Now you know.

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