Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sometimes You Just Pack Up and Go

After I returned from NYC our daughter in law's mother was needing more help as she fought against her battle with cancer so I just grabbed my stuff and went to Louisville on a one way ticket -- not knowing how long I would be needed.
Look who greeted me!
Annie tended her mother while I was some version of Nannie Mcphee (can't wait for the sequel).
Here are some snaps of our adventures:
Went to the farm

Blitzed the local Laundromat and treated everyone there to free washes and drys.

Made a few new friends...

And watched one of the "Rock and Roll Mother's" son get married.

It is good to be home sitting at my computer and keeping up my bog diary. 
There really is no place like home!

1 comment:

  1. Details PLEASE about the laundromat outing. What a great idea! What a very very fun thing for eveyrone.
    So glad to see you back! Love you!