Sunday, August 1, 2010

This and That......

We are finally able to fence in our front yard in order for Miss Glorie Hallelujah to be able to roam the grounds.  To my way of thinking any project should be approached with a perspective of creating a little magic. 
How often do we invest in a detail that will "follow us all the days of our lives" with a status quo attitude?  Just get-er-done. 
Each investment is an opportunity to plant a little bliss.  That is what I aim to do with this fence. 
We will put a gate by the street so passers by will feel welcome to come enjoy our view.  I have always dreamed of putting a little chapel on our pond and maybe this will convey the same idea?
Kids Say the Darnedest (and truest) Things
My friend Diane had her precious granddaughters over for a sleepover.  They had a ball but a couple of times Diane had to say "No".
Saturday morning after a breakfast of syrupy pancakes her angelic little grand daughter took Diane's faces in her chubby little hands, looked her in the eyes and said, "Grandmother you are nice and you are mean."

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  1. LOVE the new look, and LOVE that I can finally be a "follower". I don't know that answer to the foreign language question. I had the same trouble and a friend told me that most likely a response in a foregin language is a spam issue. I do know that if someone posts a comment, you can comment on their comment, so maybe that would work. Oh, and I LOVE you!