Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here's Looking -- Acch-Hoo!

Papa Joe is allergic to cats. Or so he has said for lo these many years as we've left elegant dinner parties to his chorus of sneezes.
But he has shown no aversion to feminine wiles and practically purrs himself while being gushed over by a pretty girl.
Enter "Ali Cat". (above)
It seems that while I was away in January she took up residence under a slip covered chair on our porch. She was a scaredy cat and her timidity touched his heart so he began to feed her twice a day.
She batted those eyes and flirted with him shamelessly.
When he was outside she was right by his side.  She was a fine outside cat.
Fast forward to May and my ten week absence while tending to my mother.
Buy the time I returned home Ali was:
*Living inside the house
*Sleeping with my husband
*Napping on the white couch
*Enjoying a scratching pole in the middle of the living room that clearly does not match the decor.

This little hussy just looks at me, smiles and says with her eyes; "You're not woman enough to take away my man."
I guess love conquers all
-- Even allergies?


  1. This is so funny and cute. Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. The cutest story. Can picture the scratching post in your living room. Hope you get this post.