Friday, July 29, 2011

You Only Have One Life --

But if you live it well -- one life is enough.
The task of clearing out my mothers home has been daunting.  What to save -- what to toss?  A lifetime of letters, photos and keepsakes that all seem too precious to discard.  Tangible big moments and ordinary days. 
I asked my mother's advice on how to approach this chore and she said the most amazing thing.  She told me "Don't worry about letting go of any of it.  The house or the things inside.  I've used them up."
She told me she has spent the last few months rereading and touching her life.  Sitting in chairs, eating off plates, and looking at the artworks in her home. 
She said "Goodbye" and let them go.
What a lesson  to me.
Me who polishes and clings.  Me who thinks I own a thing or two of value.
My mother who is now in a nursing home never says; "I wish.............." because she did.
She crafted a home full of memories.  She cultivated dear girlfriends.  She packed her bags to see the wonders of the world and she made her bed.
She used up this life given to her .  And she is still using her days to teach -- me.


  1. That is beautiful! Ilene

  2. Awesome and great words to live by.