Sunday, December 30, 2012

Do or Die-t

That dreaded time of year has arrived.  No, I'm not talking about taking the rain machine noise maker (better know as our dead Christmas tree) down.  I'm referring to perky, slim, and forty years younger than I Jennifer Hudson pulling me into the"loose weight on Weight Watchers and you can eat everything you want and loose weight" drill.
But I already eat everything I want.  What I really desire is to carry on as usual but look like a pretty version of "This is what 64 looks like."
I recently read an article on Helen Mirren who looks fabulous in a bathing suit.  The interviewer asked her about her exercise regimen.  Crunches?  Weight lifting?  Marathons?
Oh, no Helen replied.  She hates to sweat and deplores exercise. 
She just........... get this............stands up straight!
Her mother drilled that into her head as a child and she has practiced it ever since.
I'm making a conscious effort to do the same and you know what?
I feel better.  I feel stronger.  I represent a more confident woman.
It takes a little practice and there is a definite rearranging of "parts".  But it has given me a little boost. 
That, a  boat load of lycra, photoshop,and hope springs eternal.

1 comment:

  1. Helen looks amazing and so does your cousin Helen too! Your Mom too so weight shouldn't be a problem!

    Good luck with standing up straight! I think he boost self-confidence when you stand straight. Automatically "lifts" things! LOL

    Happy New Year!