Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Note This

Sometimes the rewards of being thoughtful are their own reward but often in this too busy to be bothered world a note of "thanks" can pay off.
Case in point:
After we left our hotel in Dublin I sent an E-mail to the manager of the Croke Park Hotel and noted his excellent staff.  "They greeted our travel weary souls as if we were long lost relatives in spite of our disheveled minds and appearances."
Lo and behold when we returned 10 days later for our last night in Ireland we were given fancy suites and keys to the executive lounge.
Years ago my mother gave me this piece of advise -- When someone brings you a meal, as soon as you finish it call them right away and tell them how good it was while the taste of that kindness is still on your mind.   Someone spent a hunk of their day preparing a gift -- acknowledge it.  A note can follow the next day.
A box of chocolates for the manager at our hotel in NYC in December helped us get a room upgrade.  A glowing review on Tripadvisor resulted in a personal E-mail thanking us and requesting that we let them know in advance when we return again.
Each day when I'm in a hotel I leave a note for the maid that says; "May God bless you today" along with  $5.00.  Want to help the working poor?  No one cleans hotel rooms for the job satisfaction.  And may I mention the abundance miniature of fancy spa products I have from those dear folks? 
My handwriting is shaky and hard to read but no one seems to care when I'm scrawling out heartfelt "Thanks".

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