Thursday, July 4, 2013


 We set up the yard and the neighbors came to our second annual 4th of July parade.
Chris and Jesse led the parade with patriotic music.

 Every child got a trophy for their vehicle.  The trophies were either donated by neighbors after they cleaned out their basements or purchased at a thrift store.  The kids didn't notice that some were a bowling, tennis or basketball trophy -- they got a trophy!  Yea

 Marketing is everything.
 Lexi our grandaughter.

 We gathered to sing "The Star Spangled Banner"

 Captain Safety (PJ) -- mannnig the water slide.  No children were harmed in the execution of this holiday.
No water incidents.  Sleep tight tonight.

 You really should have been here.  Really.

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  1. Seeing these pictures reminded me of gatherings at Aunt Hazel's, Aunt Sis'. Not like they were at Aunt Ada's

    Just needed to see the beautiful Lois in her foam , red, white & blue statue of Liberty hat!