Monday, July 22, 2013

Pillow Talk

I read a book last year that rocked my world.  It's by Jen Hatmaker and the title is "7".  
One of the lovely young women I gave it to was so inspired after reading it that she formed a book discussion group.  All last winter we read it together and felt inspired to shift our lives a little.  
At the grand finale discussion it was decided that this book is too life altering to keep to ourselves so we are going to open the group up and invite the whole city to a do-over this upcoming school year.
"How will we present it?" they bounced around.  It was decided that each chapter would be the responsibility of one of us that attended this year.
The chapters were parceled out to the woman who has the most logical association with it in her personal life.  "I'll take food."  "I'll take media."  "I'll take waste."  
It seemed to be working out perfectly until my young professional women friends looked at me and said "That leaves sex.  Will you take it?"
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh," I replied and in the passion (no pun intended) of the moment I launched into why at this station in our lives PJ and I are probably not the poster couple of this particular subject.  
My retort even creeped me out.
a hush fell over the room
Finally one of the young-uns ventured out saying; "We said the chapter on stress."
That one fits perfectly - especially now.
I must remain in this group forever.  They know too much!
Here is an Amazon review of the book:
January 5, 2012
This review is from: 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess (Paperback)
You must read this book! Here's what it's about: Jen (the author) did an experiment in which each month for 7 months, she and sometimes her entire family fasted in an area she felt they were excessive in: media, stress, possessions, shopping, food, clothes, and waste. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that sounds all preachy and super-spiritual and hard and you don't want to read it. Thankfully, it's the complete opposite. It is laugh-out-loud hilarious, totally real-life, 100% empowering, and 0% guilt-inducing.

You must go immediately to purchase this book and devour it whole. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Do not stop to brush your teeth or feed your children. While you're out, buy Depends to wear because you will pee yourself while reading from laughing so hard.

Some other suggestions of how to read this book:
Keep a notepad handy while you're reading to write down notes and thoughts because ideas and action points will come to you like nobody's business.
Do not read this book right before you go to bed because you will not be able to sleep due to the millions of thoughts running around in your brain.
Read this book with your girlfriends.

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