Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My girlfriend Linda's grandson Mason didn't know what he wanted for Christmas so she put a Toys R Us catalogue in his hands and told him to get some ideas.
Well he got some ideas alright.   "I want this and this and this too!" he declared.
"You need to pick out the one you want most."
"OOOOO KKKKK I want this most! Let's go get it now."
No -- Linda explained you have to wait until Santa brings it on Christmas Eve.
That just wouldn't do for Mason. After getting all excited and holding those pictures in his hands he was ready for it now. He has such confidence in his grandmother because she has a real good track record on making his dreams and wishes come true.
He looked at her hopfully and with a little desperation in his four year old voice he said, "Fhink (think) Grandmother -- Fhink!"
I imagine if you fhink  about it for a moment you may know someone who is single or widowed or just in a lonesome state that would love to get a "for no reason at all but I love you.....Valentine."
Fhink -- Fhink! It's not too late to make someone feel included and loved.

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