Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Painted That Fence?

(Today we -- a board of fifty women --  completed a year’s worth of work by hosting a luncheon featuring Pam Tebow for 2000 women at the convention center. It was such a popular event that we had to close off registrations and turn women away.  The whole process reminded me of Tom Sawyer and his white washing that fence.)

Who painted that fence? I'll tell you who.....

The busiest most in demand women in town with the least amount of disposable time painted that proverbial fence.
How did they find time?
Well, just like ole Tom Sawyer we made the process fun.
While we were wielding our”paint brushes” (meetings, agendas, schedules) we also did what we women do best....
We multitasked.
We made strawberry jam while deciding strategies.
We discussed our heart's concerns and prayed as we were collating programs.
We learned how to make homemade bread while we divided up the names of volunteers into committees.
We turned painting that fence into the best party in town and when it was all over we stood back and asked ourselves -- what's next?
Prospective fence painters are lining up and wondering if they can join in.
So, what do you think of that -- Harvard Business School?

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  1. Oh Suzanne, it looks lovely! I see your handiwork all over it! I bet it was great too.
    I know how to do both of the things you mentioned in your call and it won't take even 10 minutes so we get the rest of the time to chat. Can you email me some times that are good for you? I'm not too available during the work day, but do get a 30 minute lunch so maybe even then.