Monday, September 20, 2010

He said -- me said

I love to arrange furniture and get each piece into the perfect spot.  Order and unfortunately control are my drug of choice.
It's that way with my thoughts too.  I wake up in the middle of the night and my mind just races scanning the concerns of my family and friends. 
Oh, the places I go in my effort to make it all fit. 
I feel like the ant on the side walk who is spinning and pushing and working so hard not realizing that the shade of a tree is just inches away from the summer's day heat.
Reading the Bible is  the shade I dodge way too often and that sun can get pretty darn hot.
Last week I found my fanny sitting on a pew signing up for Bible study.  It felt like a cool wind is coming my way.
God has promised He will take care of the details if I will lend Him my ear (study the letter He so painstakingly wrote for me) and trust Him.  He's always come through in the past and with a 1,000 batting average I'm fairly optimistic He'll show up again.
me said -- if I can just get that shiny new thing I'll be satisfied
He said -- Trust in me and I will give you the desires of your heart.  (It took me awhile to understand that means... He'll change my "want-er")
me said -- if he/she would just follow my instructions it would be so much better and lead to wonderful results.  I often tease I want my tombstone to read "All of you would have been so much better off if you'd just done what I said."
He said -- What is that to thee?  Follow me.
I read my fair share of motivational books and inspiring stories but like the old Motown song goes...
"Ain't nothin' Like the Real Thing, Baby."

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