Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Dent In My Armor

I was pulling out of one of my happy places, The Beaver St. Farm Market, when I was hit by another patron as she was leaving.
I saw it all in slow-mo but even the three second horn blast couldn't halt her as she blithely backed into my car. 
It's not like my car is the Pope-Mobile or anything but even with 150,000 miles on her I love that Volvo.  They don''t make 'em like that anymore.
So -- who am I when nobody is looking -- or I guess after that blast -- everybody is looking?
Well, I'm a red blooded American woman so the first thing I think of is law suit.  But then I remember I'm also a Christian and my assailant is a poor woman in a car that looks like it has had even more wear and tear than mine.  And I might just mention that it didn't help my litigious frame of mind that she had a Christian fish on her bumper making us sisters in the Lord.
I shot up a quick prayer and leaned into her window assuring her that it wasn't the first dent on my car and wouldn't be the last so have a good day and "God bless you."
I'm reminded of an old song by Nancy Honeytree:
"Hummer Bummer Bash-Mobile"
Uhhhhhhhhhh, that would be me!

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