Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Susan Boyle Moment

Do you remember where you were when you first saw the video of Susan Boyle's audition for "Britain's Got Talent"?  I do.
Oh, how I wished I could have been there in the crowd that went from snickers to a standing ovation in the blink of a song.
It resonated because I guess we all feel like outsiders sometimes. But it also demonstrated that if we soldier on there is a divine reward.
Last spring my girlfriend Ray practically strong armed me into going to a women's fashion show put on by the residents of City Rescue Mission -- a comprehensive residential program for homeless people.
Ray is almost as (oh, how can we say this?) .... persuasive as I am and so there I sat with my girlfriend Grace in the chapel of a homeless shelter on a perfectly good Friday evening.
After the formalities of welcoming us the show began. 
The lovely commentator began her remarks and the first model was (I'm assuming) shoved onto the stage.  She entered very abruptly and kept looking fiercely over her shoulder at the pusher.  A more reluctant model you have never seen.
As the description of her outfit rolled on she hesitantly moved around the stage.  Missing all of her marks and never giving eye contact to the audience. 
But you know how we chicks are.  Once the audience saw her awkwardness and modesty we began to cheer, whistle and generally "Amen" her appearance.
She straightened up, received the encouragement and virtually pranced off stage.
All of the estrogen in that chapel blended into one big fellowship of "I am woman hear us roar."
Some were from the sophisticated suburbs.  Some of us were residents in the City Rescue Mission. All of us were women with a past of sins, fears, love and loss.
The freshly coiffed hair, makeovers and stylish  outfits  from the racks of CRM Thrift Store were not what transformed the models into sassy workin' it models.
You see, God showed up.  He was the Stylist that knew just how to present an evening that would give each of us a chance at a "Susan Boyle moment."
Grace and I agreed that of all of the events we had been to last year this was our very favorite.  We were so full of joy as we relived each moment on our ride home.
We're (yes, I had to get in on this FUN adventure) doing it again this year on:
 April 29th.  6:30 in the chapel of City Rescue Mission.  Would you like to help or attend?  Just let me know.
Tickets are $10.00. 
Persuade your girlfriends to come too and don't forget to slip a little Kleenex into your purse.
History will be made.

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  1. This is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing the story. I enjoyed our conversation.