Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Being in the Hospital is Like:

This scene in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".
There is a place in the movie when Butch and Sundance are trapped by their pursuers on a cliff and all they can do is jump into the river waaaaay below. 
Sundance fidgets and finally confesses that he doesn't want to jump because he can't swim.  Butch just laughs and says; "Well, hell the jump is probably gonna kill us anyway."
When Mom confessed that she didn't want to face the rigors of rehab I inwardly just thought; "Oh, that's OK because they're probably gonna kill you in the hospital anyway."
Health care is a mess but we hit the water and got transferred to The Episcopal Church Home rehab late last night. 
It is a sweet and soft landing.
A beautiful facility with the most attentive and kind staff.
Now the Jane Fonda workouts begins.  Please continue to pray for Loie.
She is my hero.

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  1. oh how I know that feeling, from the family side and the therapist side. Never really thought people didn't like us therapists that much. Hope you both are doing as well as you can. Oh you know how I feel about hospitals. we dodged another stay this past weekend with Auggie. Give your Mom love from us all. Love, the neighbors