Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Four Ingredient Wonder

Last night the Rock and Roll Mothers got together for dinner.  I couldn't wait to serve them my new favorite entree.
Chicken Saltimbocca

Pound chicken breasts that have been sliced thinly.  The butcher can do this for you.
Place three or four large, fresh sage leaves on top of chicken.
Cover with a thin slice of

Fry Prosciutto side face down in a cast iron skillet  with half butter half olive oil until the kitchen smells like bacon and Prosciutto is golden brown.

Turn the chicken in the pan and top with a thick slice of Swiss cheese.  Cook until done.  All of this takes about eight minutes in a hot pan.
De glaze the pan with white wine or chicken broth or whatever else you need to get rid of in the refrigerator.
Make sure you take advantage of being the head chef by being "Miss Bossy Pants" as Tina Faye would say to the hungry hoards.

They will sing your praises and kiss your ring.  Guaranteed.

Modest hearing loss on the part of the Rock and Roll Mothers has led to many a hilarious and random conversation at these gatherings.  Look for a video on YouTube soon.
"Say what?"

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