Friday, April 1, 2011

My Cast Iron Experience

 Peach Upside Down Cake

 Food is love.  And one thing I almost forgot about is how good food tastes when cooked in a cast iron pan.  I got a couple of pieces from
and couldn't believe the price of the cookware  and the omph  of flavor that was added by using them in my same old recipes.  
I've tried everything to get my pie crusts as flaky as they used to be and then I tried plopping one in a cast iron skillet and "Ta-DA!"

Makes me wonder how many other things we've compromised in our faster is better world?  
When we break up my mom's home after she goes to heaven it won't be the fancy stuff we get into a tug of war over.  It will probably be the cast iron skillets!


  1. The best fried chicken we've had in a long time!!

  2. I LOVE mine. Cooked a roast in the dutch oven tonight. A big favorite in this house that is made in the cast iron is a Dutch Baby.
    Now I'm curious about that peach upside down cake!