Friday, February 15, 2013

Heart Beat

If we saw each other today I would see your face but unless I got real quiet I could not hear your heart beat.
That is the way a big city operates.  It is in the still quiet moments that I've heard God's heart beat in New York.
Yesterday as I descended the stairs to the subway on 53rd at Lexington I heard the faint sound of a flute.  What was that melody?  It was one of my favorite hymns - How Great is Our God?"
Yesterday in my temporary mail box were two packages.  One for me and one for my son.  Inside was a note attached to a hand embroidered blanket from a friend who is struggling with MS .  My friend outlined her story of salvation through the grace of Jesus and His faithfulness to her. 
The message was - if she can trust then we can too. 

At a Bible study I was graciously invited to yesterday we were discussing how hard life can be and how sometimes darkness seems to be prevailing.
"But the symbol of Yin and Yang is false" the leader reminded us.
John 1:5
5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.
That unmovable truth from God's mouth to my ears was an invitation to align my heart to His beat -  here in this place. 
And as my mother taught me to reply...........
"It is with pleasure that I accept Your kind invitation"

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