Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get Out!

My father loved summer and his tradition was to set up a circle of lawn chairs in the front yard after dinner. He would make himself comfortable with the news paper, a portable phone, a big glass of iced water and wait for the party to begin. Within minutes those chairs would fill up with neighbors out for their evening walks. Mom would work the kitchen and bring visitors a bowl of ice cream or a cold coke in a bottle or whatever the Lord of the Lawn deemed they needed. Small talk reigned.

I often thought it would be fun to do one of those timed videos to see all of the seats fill, empty and fill again over the period of one night.
If the sun was setting and the folks were still coming by Daddy would instruct June Cleaver (aka Loie) to bring out a floor lamp (with several extension cords -- can you see it?).
Papa Joe and I love it when we amble out on the front yard to tend the ducks and neighbors walking from the duck pond stop by to say "Hello".
Last night two little girls who are regulars brought their dad. Katie (9) and Cece (3) each got a scoop of feed for the duck bowls while Katie informed us she no longer wants to be a Paleontologist but a Marine Biologist.
We discovered goose eggs under the saw grass and the world was a fascinating place seen through their eyes.
We've decided to make our own circle of chairs and the heck with a tasteful front lawn for the summer. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood!

Doesn't live here.

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