Friday, May 28, 2010

"Suds of Love"

Have you ever had to use a Laundromat? I don't mean to wash something that you don't want to wash in your own washing machine -- I mean have you ever HAD to use a Laundromat?

When I was a child bride we had no insurance, home of our own, car for me or a washing machine. I remember going to the Laundromat and pouring a small fortune into those machines to get our clothes clean.
No one goes to the Laundromat for the joyful experience they go because they are needy.
Today I discovered a group called "Suds of Love".
Once a month they go to a local Laundromat armed with rolls of their own quarters, laundry detergent, softener and treat everybody there to free washes and dries.
Their kids are "quarter jockeys" and get to feed those hungry machines while the moms help fold the dried clothes.
This party has evolved into snacks for all and games for the kids. Last month someone was led to bring "take home bags" with a muffin and a juice box for the next day's breakfast.
Don’t you love the simplicity of it?

A need – a blessing – no meetings – no administrative staff – stereotypes flying out the window – friendships being made – laughter – an impromptu party.

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  1. When Shameka hadn't been in college two weeks, she and some girls were in a laundramat on the town square and an elderly woman walked in, handed each of the girls a handful of quarters, told them to stay in school, and left. Made my mother's heart happy.