Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beach Blanket BINGO

We had a blast at the beach last week with our kids and grand children.  It is fun that the kids are getting older because they have their "traditions" now.
Papa Joe grew up spending summers at the beach and still goes back in his mind to those care-free days with the sound of the waves lulling him to sweet sleep.
Funny Family Photos

A minute to win it challenges.  From your head to your mouth in....................

less than 60 seconds!

New cool clothes from the outlet mall 
Like my new poodle slippers?

A birthday cake each night for my birthday boy.

Beach time with Florida friends.

Time to reflect and restore.

"I can't believe my grandmother got me into this costume for her Thanksgiving cards!  Can someone please give me Dr. Phil's 800 number?"

What a thrill to know that we are putting in place the building blocks of "Those were the days" memories for a our dear ones lifetime.

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