Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Come To Momma

When I was growing up if I was having a bad dream or a bad day my mother would come and hold me until it was better.
Now that I'm a grown up  I realize that there were many reasons my crisis' were not well timed for her life's demands.  But she came anyway.
Today I am a woman who feels worthwhile in spite of all indications otherwise due to the investments she made in my little tender soul.
Now I'm the one who has obstacles to being there when her life gets a little scary but it is my great honor to be there for her.
Tomorrow she is scheduled for a second hip replacement since January.  Same hip new replacement. 
I've spent six weeks gone from my home four states away since that fateful January morning when she first fell. 
I'm no saint but I know that as sands through the hour glass....
Would you pray for her as she faces this next hurdle?
She is in awful pain. 
Last night we shared prayers, dinner and that great medicine of Vanna White in her flowing gown flipping those letters. 
I kept thinking of a future  "Some day" when I would give anything to be back with her again in that happy home full of memories guessing "The Phrase". 
All of this time with her has been selfish on my part too.  I hope that her optimism, personal and abiding faith and spunk will somehow permeate my heart and I'll grow up to be just like her.

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  1. Your beautiful mother will be in my prayers. She was always a delight to be around. Always there to save the day! Even with a Skipper doll one Christmas.