Monday, May 16, 2011

Service With a Smile

Last week (did you notice I was gone?) I had the opportunity to treat some of the most giving women I know to a week at our  beach house.

It was a pleasure to shop, clean, cook and serve this select society of women who pour themselves into the lives of others -- so freely.
They are some of my girlfriends who serve as leaders in my Philadelphia Bible study.
Each has a story of sacrificial love.
  Kathy (Top left) was never able to have children but she has spent years teaching funny bible songs to others children. She is the spiritual version of Weird Al Yankovitch and has inspired legions of kids to trust God with their hearts
Me next. Just grateful to be hanging with these women.
Becki (Right of me) and her husband served with the Billy Graham Association and lived in 13 cities in 14 years. Tramping their 4 children all over the world. She has spent the last 20 years in her home office 40 hours a week preparing a weekly lecture for a sanctuary of women who are seeking to "Walk this Way" with Jesus.
Claire (Top row right) celebrated her 80th birthday this year. She is beautiful inside and out. She has schlepped her basket of hostess goodies and greeted the women who come to the Bible study with a warm welcome for as long as I have known her. She does it on Tuesdays and then repeats it again with another group on Thursdays. She tells them both "You are my favorite" and they all believe her. You would too.
Joyce (Bottom left) and her husband built a school for children in the projects of Philadelphia 25 years ago.
While Jim juggled being the managing partner of a high profile law firm they rehabbed, painted and staffed this oasis in the mean streets.
Gillian (Bottom right) Is a professional caterer and Bible study leader. She's even cooked for Oprah! "Gilly Bean" moved her mother in law into her home until she died this year at the age of 101. Currently she is caring for her former husband as he is dying.
A joy to serve a woman like that? You betcha.

We went out on the water...
Played Scrabble until the wee hours....
Ate at our favorite biker bar....
Enjoyed being girly-girls....
Soaked up the beauty of God's creation...
And told each other "You're lookin' good!"

These are women who  have given of them selves in service to the Lord and left many healed and restored people in their wake.

It was my pleasure to serve.

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  1. Oh, to be one of your girlfriends!!!!! Jill told me all about this great trip [ and the boat] today. And how good of you to host them so graciously. Such a stellar group of "God's Girls!"