Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quick -- Take a Deep Breath!

Memorial Day reminds me of how important it is to remember
Remembering helps us not to make the same mistakes and transports us back to sweet pockets of good times.
When my boys were young I wanted them to remember the good times of their childhood.  Those free and happy days of not being in charge and big exciting adventures.
I read an article back then that said  smell is the sense most closely associated with our memories.
Ahhhhh, the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, Krispy Kreme do-nuts rolling off the conveyor belt, the smell of walking into my grandparent's farm house.  To this day those smells can take me back to peace and love.
So when the boys and I were out and all of a sudden I would realize that this moment needed to be engraved in their hearts forever I would instruct; "Quick take a deep breath!  Now, remember this time forever."
It worked because my son has told me how many of those smells have become safe havens for him in his daily life.
The smell of a State Park.  The smell a glazed ham baking in the oven.
What are the "Smells" of your life?

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