Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Party Girl

My Aunt Nanny knew how to throw a fete and she never let her lack of funds get in the way of a good time.
Her Baptist pastor had come to their church a wounded soldier.  If he hadn't been divorced he would have been snatched up by a much fancier congregation. 
Even though he was the bargain of the century you can know that tongues wagged and some of the not quite ready for prime time members treated him with suspicion. 
Aunt Nanny welcomed him enthusiastically and gave him the highest compliment --  she teased him. 
Her endorsement positioned him into the good graces of the holy-moley congregation of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.
Upon the occasion of his five year anniversary at the church she called and informed him and his wife to be ready and dressed to the nines at 6:00 pm Friday night because a limousine would be picking them up and taking them to dinner.
It did.  He was. And off they went on a ride around the city.  After cruising past many fine dining establishments the driver finally pulled up to...............
White Castle.

Inside were most of the church members and dinner was on Aunt Nanny.  Sliders all around.
This same brother preached her funeral. (You know the one with the U. of K. fight song?)
He praised her faith but mostly he thanked her for the arm around his shoulder and the best party of his life.

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