Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guerrilla Love -- Taking It To The Streets

My friend's son told me a story that caused me to reflect on the quality of my unconditional love.

A family in his neighborhood was away from home last week when a crew came to put their home in foreclosure and evict them.
The neighbors watched with aching hearts as their friend's tangible lives were set out on the street and lawn. One of the neighbors who hosts a Bible study began to rally the neighbors and find temporary homes for the displaced stuff.
She stood in the yard like a NYC traffic cop and directed who was to rescue what and ultimately the house was empty but so was the yard.
Now that is an impressive demonstration of loving your neighbor.
But what she did next exhibited a rare example of Guerilla Love.
She ordered pizza for the men who were on the crew that moved everything out.
When it came she fed those men.
The leader said; "Lady I've been doing this job for years and NO one has ever even been cordial to us let alone feed us lunch."
All she said was she is a Christian and wished them a good day.
I wonder if our church would fill up if I preached more sermons like that?

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