Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm a Little Bit Country -- I'm a little Bit OCD

Let's all sing along................."It's the (second) most wonderful time of the year." That's right  -- the season to dismantle the Christmas beautification project.
Glad to see it come -- glad to see it go.
But what really makes my heart go flutter, flutter is the deep cleaning that ensues.
The sight of PJ standing on the dining room table flinging pine branch sprays out of the chandelier and into the air is our version of "let the fur fly."
Armed with the Roomba, rubber gloves, enough Mrs. Meyers products to make Target stock soar and the ever so handy Q-tips for the teeny tiny places where the sun really don't shine -- I'm in my glory.
God must have known that once a year we would need to pull everything apart and wipe out possible plague causing crud -- So He gave us Christmas.
I'm merry and the house now is bright!
PS PJ is rolling his eyes and groaning.


  1. I just can't put mine away yet. I am still enjoying the decorations!

  2. I keep my trees fully decorated. I have covers for them and I carry them to a bedroom that is not used. Next year I will bring them out, uncover them, wrap the skirts around and plug them in. Love the prelim trees.

    I enjoy Christmas so much more when i don't have to decorate and dismantle trees