Thursday, January 31, 2013

My New Best Friend - Who Lives in Heaven

If you really want to get into some one's head and heart just look at their "stuff".
That is what I always do when I go to yard sales.  What kind of a person owned this book, dress, or video?  Would I like them?  Would we be friends?
Well, Saturday I "met" at an estate sale a lady that would be my new best friend -- if she hadn't died a year ago.
May I introduce you?
She liked sending her mail in pretty colored envelopes.  No blah white ones for her!
She enjoyed fresh flowers and actually bought the vase (that tempted me for years) that creates a perfect bouquet.
She enjoyed throwing tea parties just like I do and probably even wore her

Hats while pouring.
She loved to adorn her home with lovely hand made projects like.........
This hand stitched tablecloth
But the object 'de arte that completely won my heart was her "Diamond" pin that says;
I hope she is looking down from heaven and smiling because we found each other and I will carry on her joyful traditions.

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  1. Oh welcome back "Queen"! I'd been checking back very irregularly in hopes you'd pick back up. What a sweet New Year gift to find 8 or 9 posts worth!