Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Ladies Who do Lunch

Several months ago I attended a welcome to Jacksonville lunch for a woman who was moving down from Greenwich Connecticut. I instantly felt a connection to her and yesterday had the pleasure of sharing lunch and our lives at my table.

Having both been southern girls transplanted in the north we had a lot of things in common. But her story of her 60th birthday celebration I found uncommon.
Up north there is a lot of competition for the most extravagant milestone birthdays. (I must admit I was entertaining the thought of having flying Elvis impersonators parachute into our property for Joe's 60th party. No kidding) Neeley didn't feel comfortable with a flashy party and asked her husband to wait until she had prayed about it.

She decided to invite 60 of their friends to come spend a week of fellowship, fun and building a Habitat for Humanity house. She and her husband took the money they would have spent on a big to-do and purchased the house they built.

Neeley said it was the most incredible week. What a memory for all who attended.

Jesus was right when he said -- we gain our life when we loose our life. In the process we gain laughter, community, and a life full wonderful of memories.

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  1. Oh my, what a God send you were today...this is Neeley Towe, whom I met via Younglife in Greenwich and Josie!