Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sybil Comes Home

My girlfriend Mary Ann Lewis and I bonded over the phone yesterday as we talked about our split personalities when returning from a trip. The Happy Christian Girl wants to skip back into life seamlessly, with fond memories, a grateful heart, and a P.P.P. (People Person Perspective). But wait -- who is that scowling botox depleted other woman making her way in the back door lugging a rolling duffel bag that looks suspiciously like it's stuffed with a dead body? Why it's -- Miss Don't Know Where to Start to Get This Hovel in Order Honeycutt. Dogs and husbands scatter.
In 1992 as we were returning home from a trip said husband asked, "What do we have to eat?" That has not happened again.
And so today as I cautiously made my way into our drive after several days of spring cleaning at the beach house I wondered who would pull into my carport today? My nerves jumped and my mind raced at the prospect of re-entry. Who would win possession of my soul?
One step out of my car and my senses were overcome with the smell of our Confederate Jasmine in full bloom. A fragrance so sentimental and sweet that it must have been the reason the good Lord gave us the gift of smell in the first place. It is; an old fashioned roses wallpaper, first whiff of spring , ice tea in a silver pitcher, porch swing smell. That aroma melted the cares of my world and brought me into the moment with an exclamation point.
Today I came home and saw that it was a very good place to be.


  1. No one, and I mean no one can make me laugh the way you do. There is also never a day I don't tell some kind of a story on you. Today I told my boss about the old pocketbook trick with the kaboom cereal!

  2. Can we all say............child abuse?