Monday, October 19, 2009

Million Dollar Memories for $1.00

It was a cool day today so we skipped the beach and headed to Saint Augustine. First stop the carousel. The girls love picking out their favorite horse and taking him or her out for a spin.
How many thrills can you purchase for a dollar any more?

Then we discovered that Walmart has #100 toys for the price of $10.00 each.

We took the jar of pocket change from Papa Joe's drawer and cashed it out for enough to buy each girl two presents. As good as Christmas.
Lunch was at a downtown cafe with picnic tables under the palms.

Next I took them to a historic Greek Orthodox church in the old section of town. The girls were mesmerized by the icons and beautiful reliefs on the walls. Both girls lighted a candle and prayed for someone they love who needs prayers. All of this while ancient hymns were playing in the background.
Oh, the mixture of memories, smells, tastes and sights.
Dinner was chicken on the grill and another version of a birthday cake (rice crispy squares). We all wear our tieras and tonight we answered questions out of one of our favorite vacation books.

I wonder what they will remember when they are grown up? Probably the bathroom at Walmart.

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