Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We'll Always Have Paris

I opened an old memory card from my camera today and look what was still hiding in there! My trip to Paris a couple of years ago. This painting is how I felt after days and days of combing the streets and canals of surely the most beautiful city in the world.
There is a Museum of Decorative Arts where the styles of decor through the ages is displayed.
Even the views out of the windows are breath taking.

The Eiffel Tower pops up everywhere and at night it twinkles with thousands of gold twinkly lights once on the hour. That is when you realise you are "not in Kansas anymore."
Look at the faux painting on this building facade! Art is expressed in many mediums.
We took a class in bread making at Le Cordon Bleu.

Me and my best friend Julia -- of course!

This is a church perched on the highest hill in the city. Sacra Cour. It was built by a man who promised God that he would build it if God protected the city from bombings in WWI. God did His part so....................
If you haven't been and ever get an opportunity to go -- go!

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