Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Queen of "Yes"!

A few weeks ago Annie called to check in and she mentioned that the most precious children in the northern hemisphere were behaving less than precious-ly.
I was trying to get a picture in my mind of what could be behind this acting out but must admit I was clueless.
"But, Annie when they are with me there is no fighting, hitting, attitude copping, or general grouchiness. I just don't understand?"
At that point Annie, with a little terseness in her voice, clued me in; "That is because you always say 'yes."
Ohhhhhhhhhhh come to think of it I do!
For twenty years I raised two boys to the best of my ability and believe me it involved more than a little negative feedback.

(say yes mame and no mame please and thank you every time we went out or they would protest "you didn't tell us!")
Punishments (if your toys are not picked up they will be put out for the garbage man -- and they were) Oprah -- it that you calling for a special expose?
Boundaries (you will go to school unless you are running a temperature -- and 108 does not count the toaster was still hot, I see blood, or you vomit (and I have to see the vomit -- no flushing the toilet and reporting)

Don't get me wrong we had a ball but I was definitely the fun police. I was on such a mother-roll that I considered any child in my peripheral vision in my jurisdiction. I remember waiting in line at a move theater when an approximately 16 year old boy (and a football player if looks count) threw his candy wrapper down on the lobby floor.
"Excuse me? Who do you think is going to pick that up?"
"Uhhhhhhhhh me?" he replied.
There was a look in my eye during those years that if I could have maintained it I'm sure I'd be on Airforce One right now winging my way to Iran.
But it's gone. Something shifted when I picked up our first grandchild baby Jacob thirteen years ago. A mantle fell on my shoulders and I felt a strange sensation on my scalp. Was it a crown descending? It was. I became "The Queen of Yes."
You may kiss my ring.

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  1. Suzanne, you are so funny. I love being around you! You make me happy!