Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New york city -- High Time

Did you know there is a new park in NYC that is built on an abandoned Railway Bridge in Chelsea?   It's called the Highline.  Acres and acres of fill dirt were brought in and a park was created.  Only in New York!
The view from the street.
They placed the gadens between the tracks.
These cool solar lights are placed all through the plantings.
What a place to wile away the hours.
They have concerts and performances all summer.
Next we headed to Chinatown for lunch and shhhhhhhhhhhh purses.
We knew we were in the right place when we smelled these from the markets as we came up the stairs from the subway.
I remember years ago seeing a fish so fresh his heart was still beating.
Can't say we weren't warned.  This is the tile on the subway walls  at the Chinatown station.
That night we went to meet John Thomas and watch the play Mama Mia. 
We met these folks from Malaga Spain.  They were pleased  to hear I was just there in November.  I told them I was disappointed that I didn't see Antonio Banderas (it's his home town).  Do you think good looks are in the drinking water?
Everyone left the theater singing those contagious songs:
"Mama Mia here I go again...."
Then it was off to bed with this view, sore feet and happy memories.

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