Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New York City Day 3 -- Something Out of Pretty Woman

My travel friend Leslie's son is getting married in August so while we were there she wanted to work with the Macy's Personal Shopper for THE dress. Saturday was our appointment and Marcy was our helper.

So, this is how the other half lives?
Marcy had pulled suggested dresses in Leslie's size and colors and we were seated in a private reception area while Leslie striped, slipped, zipped in and out of one adorable dress after another.
Marcy was invaluable and such a kind, encouraging woman.
There was another young woman there and we found out that she was being fitted for an outfit to walk the red carpet at The Tony's on Sunday night. Her name is Jeanette Illidge and she is from Savannah. Jeanette auditioned for the Macy's talent contest and a chance to attend the Tony's and perform. Just that morning she had auditioned before the American Idol judges and was selected as one of two candidates. The winner was voted on by viewers during the awards show and Jeanette won!
Well, you know how it is when you meet people in your underwear -- you get real close real fast. So before long I was giving her advice (Go to church on Sunday at Times Square Church to get your head on straight before a crazy night and see an awesome choir of 300 people mostly Broadway singers) and we were like one big happy half dressed family.
 After a dress was selected Marcy finished the look with shoes and jewelry. What a joy to have the whole look completed.
The displays of jewelry were breathtaking!

Everything was shipped home. Did you know that you don't pay NYC taxes (9%) if you ship your purchases out of state?
"Ship don't schlep" I always say.
We walked back to our hotel through the Garment District.

Homage to Singer.

And stepped over the Fashion Walk of Fame plates.

If fashion is religion -- this is the temple
We took our own good advice and joined the throngs’ at Times Square Church Sunday morning. It was packed and overflow rooms with large screens were full too. What an uplifting experience! Every race, socio-economic level, and age was represented. All with one heart and mind. Something wonderful is going on in NYC spiritualy and I wonder if the uncertainty in the world is helping turn us back to our faith?
Most of our meals were simple street food eaten outside in the beautiful weather.  We had too many fun things to do to waste  hours on a meal.
Our lunch time guest.
Off to Lincoln Center..............................

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