Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Isn't life funny? Often the same thread will weave in and out of the fabric of our experiences?

Several years ago my cousin Paula and I were hitching a ride in a taxi from Earls Court to Heathrow Airport in London. We were chatty about our sadness in leaving London and how dear our homeland felt upon returning. Our cab driver (a handsome and friendly fellow) opened his heart and began to tell us about his beloved home of Afghanistan.
He told us he was from Kabul and although he had brought his family to London fourteen years earlier, due to the Russian war, his hope was that he would be able to return home to his relatives and introduce his children their family. He believed that Afghanistan is a target for unstable rebel groups because the people are peace loving and easy targets for bullies.
For thirty minutes he described the beauty of the people and the terrain. He changed my perception of that country and now when I think of it I picture his  images of large loving families with a passion for gracious hospitality.
How ironic that last night we had the honor of having a party for precious innocent children from his home at our home?
He was a powerful ambassador during that short cab ride. It left a lasting impression on me. It changed the axis of my world a few degrees.
You know I'm just a housewife, he was just a London cabbie and you are just.....?
But when we open our hearts and share our stories, hopes and dreams the world becomes our ally and our friend.

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