Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Do You Say "Fun" in Afghanistan ?

Last night we opened our home to a group named "Solace for the Children". It is an organization that brings Afghan children to our city for the summer to receive medical care.

Maybe there were language barriers but the kids are so resilient and jumped right in -- literally.

Our dear neighbor Kasey brought her bouncy house, Sasa made cookies and helped set up the chairs, Laura and David donated piles and piles of beautiful children's classic books, Justin made the most delicious snow cones, and Danielle passed out mountains of ice cream treats.

Let's give Hillary her due.

"It does take a village" or a neighborhood to change the world.

When we are tempted to put people or countrys in a box it is good to remember We Are The World. (Oh my gosh -- Michael Jackson and Hillary in one post)

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