Sunday, August 8, 2010

Face It

Have you ever wondered when did I get so cautious ?  When did a little mess or extra effort become the brick wall between me and some fun or a memory that will follow me to the grave?  I have.
Last week when I was with the grand kids we made a decorated cake for Cole Thomas' birthday.
He has become quite the little chef so it was fun to pick a design , decorate it and eat the creation.
Before we blew out the grill lighter (couldn't find a candle and it was his idea for a substitute) Cole asked me;
"Have you ever wanted to put your face in the cake after they sing Happy Birthday?"
"Never -- how about you Cole?"
"Yep!  Always have"
"Well then go for  it!"
""UUUUGGGHHH" the other kids said.
So I cut a  big piece for just Cole and we launched into....
"Happy Birthday to You....."

The cake.

The "candle".

The memory for a lifetime.
He LOVED it!

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  1. I want to see the "after" pic when he is covered with cake! ilene