Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well, Shut My Mouth

Last week, when Papa Joe was on the road,  two of my girlfriends surprised me with a picnic dinner and sleepover here.  We toasted the next year and caught up.
At this stage of life it is critical to have friends with insights because without the stress of child rearing it is easy to get proud and complacent in an ever shrinking sphere of "me."
We discussed ways our children could find more joy or just plain peace in their hectic lives. Jan ( my post surgery caregiver -- so we have NO secrets now) said that although we have accumulated 60 years of hard earned and painful wisdom we need to listen more and share less.  The key to a good relationship with anyone is first try not to bore them to death.
But, but, but what about all of those helpful hints like microwaving the kitchen sponge?  Or how vitamin D is the new miracle cure?  And would it be fair to not mention how important it is to answer the questions of life before you find yourself incurable and no preacher to conduct the service?
Probably better to let them read their own magazines, listen to their own still small heart voices and just allow the quiet between us to  be filed with laughter and praise.
So what's the point of all of this hard earned knowledge I've accumulated to this point in my life?  I don't know  -- but I'm pretty impressed.
Maybe I could begin by taking my own advice?

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