Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Do!

My girlfriend Leslie's son is getting married on Saturday.  We have flown home to help with the arrangements. 
It will be a farm wedding at Black Acre Farm.  What fun!
Black Acre Farm Jeffersontown Kentucky

Tonight we will assemble little cook books with the recipes of the pies friends and family are contributing to the reception.
It is so wise to include others in the preparations for a family celebration.  Everyone gets to own the glory.  It becomes a reminder of the honor of loving and being loved.
In some ways it is a mini seminar on the things that matter most all decorated and served on silver trays.
I feel sorry for the folks who write and check and just put on a show.  They miss the opportunity to look out their everyday window and see a village waiting walk down the aisle with them and into the rest of their lives.

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