Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All A-Flutter

Well there is some high drama on the duck pond.
Several of the ducks are laying eggs in the ornamental grass and let me just tell you it is the most exciting news.
All day long "The usual suspects" waddle in and out of the grass at warp speed.
"Have you seen them in there?"
"Oh, yes and aren't they cute?"
"Do you think they are fertilized?"
"I don't know. Hope so."
"Let's go back in and make sure they are still there!"
Over and over and over.
We know the goose eggs of Mother Goose are not fertile because her husband was killed by a speeding car last year. She is destined to spend the rest of her days in a widow’s support group. It  is not in her nature to cross breed.
But we have noticed a few ducks floating around with what looks like a satisfied grin (see Sam and Elvis in the "Give me a house by the Side of the Road" post. See that dreamy look in their eyes as they float around in tandem?)
Maybe Sammy is short for Samantha?
Only time will tell.
Keep checking with CNN news.
It certainly is a hot topic around these parts.

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