Friday, February 25, 2011

Are We Men Or Are We Mice?

Uhhhhh, We're mice.
Mighty Mouse was a childhood super hero cartoon.  His theme song was; "Here I come to save the day......"  He had a motley band of scrappy little mice followers and every once in awhile M.M would get in a jam and rally the troops to fight off the enemy. 
He'd pose the question; "Are we men or are we mice?!"  And they would whimper "we're mice."  And scatter.
This morning my alarm went off at the crack of dawn and Joe and I shuffled to the airport to fly to Philadelphia for a weekend celebrating our newest granddaughter's Christening.  Exciting!
When we got to the airport we saw that our plane was delayed for several hours due to "weather issues" in the Northeast. 
Plane schedules were dropping like flies and a woman on a phone next to me was speaking to her mother about BWI being closed down for most of the afternoon due to strong winds. 
I do not embrace the roller coaster high life.  Joe and I were passengers on the flight from Hades that was struck by lightning and almost went down.
Even my time as a flight attendant didn't prepare me for calm under those conditions.
So as delay after delay was announced I slithered up to the gate agent and whispered "Can I reschedule for tomorrow?"
I could.  So here I sit back home while Papa Joe (who gratefully said he totally understood) is making his way up North on a wing (Southwest's) and a prayer (mine).
Got cheese?

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