Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"You Don't Have Because You Don't Ask"

That is from a verse in the book of James and he was saying -- pray specifically.
So I asked God to give me a funny girlfriend in the South.  And could she have my same quirky sense of humor?   I waited.
Guess what. She showed up this year and if she had walked around with one of those big bows like people put on new cars she wouldn't have been more obvious as an answer to prayer.
She looks one way on the outside.  Very chic and polished.  But on the inside she has all of the irreverence and appetite for irony that a Queen of Fun could ask for.
In life I've observed there is the family born into and the family you adopt (or are adopted by).  She is my Sister in my faith and our funny bones are a DNA match.
She came to lunch today and we regaled each other with stories of near disasters and travel fiascoes.  You might not have found them as hilarious but at my kitchen table there was laughter synergy.
Shakespeare said "There is a crooked lid for every crooked pot."
And she can top me -- any day.

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