Saturday, June 1, 2013

College Town

Oxford gives a whole new meaning to "college town".  There are 38 separate colleges.  So when you hear someone say "I studied in Oxford" that could be any number of colleges  but all of them are under the umbrella of Oxford University.  All colleges listen to lectures in the same locales and are tested in the same building.  If you graduated from any of these colleges -- you graduated from "Oxford."
The man who established the Rhodes Scholar program  was from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and that program is based in Oxford.
The buildings are historic and pieces of art reflecting the craftsmanship of former builders.  The grounds are stunning gardens of bucolic bliss. The students are just as full of mischief and drama as on any college campus.
On the day of a student's last final exam they go to the building in Oxford that is designated for all testing -- take their final in a suit and  tie covered by a cape - then celebrate with general merriment -  throwing all matter of things at each other.  This includes -- rotten tomatoes, glitter, silly string and champagne.  They have worked hard so they party hard.
Sights from the street -- 

This young woman was studying for her last test but told me that at this point she was really "over it."

We spent quite awhile visiting 
Pronounced Maudlin.  It was our favorite so far.  Peaceful and the grounds were breathtaking.

 A knack for calling it what it is. 

 She's saying -- Call your mother.
Study hard - pray hard.

The beautiful sunny day seemed to bring out the best in all of us.  

   Good night Oxford.  The view from our back patio,

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