Sunday, June 9, 2013

Punting on the River Isis

A trip to Oxford means punting.  It reminds me of the gondolas of Venice but much less formal and less expensive.
A punt is flat bottomed boat propelled by pushing a long pole against the river bottom. Punting requires a bit of skill and practice. However the absence of either does not stop many young students from trying this quintessential Oxford river activity. We hired a driver.  Punting from Magdalen Bridge took us past St Hilda's college, Botanic Garden, Christ Church Meadow and finally to River Isis (River Thames in Oxford). It is quiet due to the one-man power speed but it can get a little crowded around the departure and return area.  The amateurs partake in some bumper boating.  
Won't you come along and drift with us?

This is some serious fun.

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