Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saying Good-Bye

We are moving today from our flat in Oxford to London in preparation of our flights home tomorrow.  We're gonna miss our temporary home in Oxford.
How will we miss it?  Let me count the ways....

We'll miss the different ways the Brits say things.  These are saying "Tires and Mufflers".
We'll miss the street musicians.
Our pretty, patterned toilet paper that is even scented.  Oh, yeah we'll miss Marks and Spencer too.
Lewis Carroll references all over the town.
Students celebrating their last final exam.

Lovely ethnic restaurants like "Shanghai 30"
Canal boats parked outside our patio.
Competitive flower beds along the paths.
The charm of local pubs.  Oh, and the grub too.
Last night our wonderful landlords invited us to join them for dinner at one of their favorite spots.
"We may be in a rush" we explained "We'll be throwing our underwear at our suitcases in preparation of leaving on Saturday."They said "Just come as you are.  It will be fun."
So this is how we greeted them at their doorway.
We'll miss the zany vacation mode.  (I had to do quite a bit of persuading to get my CPA girlfriend to indulge me in this effort.  Diane -- not so much)
For coming along with us.  It has been one for the record books.

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