Sunday, June 2, 2013

To The Manor Born (Driven?)

We chose a perfect day to travel to Waddesdon the weekend manor house of the Rothchilds family.  Waddesdon Manor is a country house in the village of Waddesdon, in Buckinghamshire, England. The house was built in the Neo-Renaissance style of a French château between 1874 and 1889 for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (1839–1898). The house, set in formal gardens and an English landscape park, was built on a barren hilltop overlooking Waddesdon village.
Good golly Miss Molly!  How you gonna keep them down on the farm after they've seen....
Front door.
Back door.
Required dress.

Fields of rolling hills and large ancient trees.  During the bombings of London (the blitz) 100 children took refuge on the estate. They came with some nurses and teachers and were welcomed warmly by the generous  owners.  
The gardeners all left to fight in the war so the estate was not kept pristine but it sure built up happy memories.  The flower beds were turned into vegetable gardens.

Incredible topiarys. 

This is just one of dozens of houses the family owned in Europe.
Photos of family memories.
Grand rooms that were lived in not just for show with ceilings of splendor.  

In the day napkin folding was an art.  The extravagant works of art were a sign of social prestige.

The more recent owner's have added some modern art to the grounds.

This painting made me miss my little girl back home.
Well all things must come to an end so our driver came and whisked us away

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