Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's for Supper?

Sunday our pastor told a story about a dinner that he was invited to that changed his perspective on "plenty to eat" . He encouraged us to see ordinary experiences as possibly a feast the Lord has set before us. ("Thou prepare a table before me" Psalm 23) Sometimes we look up and realize that we are seated at a lesson.
That is how it is with our next door neighbors.
They have two children who have become dear adopted grandchildren to us.
Clio is a bubbly seven year old who calls us Papa Joe and Mrs. Honey. She brightens up our day anytime she pops in our door. She loves to play over here and sometimes we have parties where she picks out the dishes and sets the table.
August is nine. Each time we walk out our back door and he is playing in the drive we know he is good for a hug and often a giggle. He has cerebral palsy and although his mind is only as developed as a toddler's he is a source of inspiration.
The parents of these two exceptional children are Ilene and Chris. They have poured out their lives under challenging circumstances and crafted a good life.
When I was a new Christian I felt like I needed to learn a whole new language.
Words like redemption were not familiar.
A wise older Christian woman explained to me that redemption is like redeeming a coupon. You take something ordinary like a paper coupon and it becomes a valuable token for getting a good deal at the store.
When something or someone is redeemed the value goes up.
I have often thought that August's life has been redeemed by winning the parents lottery. They remind me of the man in the attached video.
The song in the background of this
video is “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”
But who is the redeemer? The Dad in the video who participates in triathlons with his son? August's Mom and Dad? AS I look at the gleam in those boys eyes' I have begun to understand that it is us who have been redeemed -- by August. Ordinary parents became extraordinary by just pressing on in the presence of a redeeming meal set out by ... ? I know Who my pastor would say.

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  1. It's lovely and we are honored to have been thought of in this way by you. I agree with you about August. Thank you