Friday, July 3, 2009

Mother Goose Is Home!

In my blog titled “And Then A Hero Comes Along” I told about our two geese being hit by a car early in the morning of May 13th.

Today Joe and I went to the kind Vet's office that has been treating her and brought her home to the duck pond. Dr. Hart declared her "a miracle".

She has a very pronounced limp but it is music to our ears to hear her quack outside our windows.

She brought along two duck friends from the animal hospital. They had been mauled by a dog and look a little worse for wear too.

I'm going to name one of the ducks "Nelson" because I imagine he must feel like Nelson Mandella walking out of the prison of a cage into the beauty and possibilities of life on our little pond.

The staff was sad to see them leave after weeks of caring for them.

I hope they are happy and nurtured by the many families who visit each day.

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