Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bonjure From Corsica / Napolean s Home Town

Here are photos from yesterday`s cooking school. What a fun time.
The chef was so sweet and handsome and his American girlfriend was dear.
They agreed to let me plan the wedding.
We made beer batter fried artechokes, sage and prochuto (country ham sliced real thin) and cheese with beef filet, my very favorite gnnocci with blue cheese sauce, ane no kidding / choclate souffles!
All diet food.
We rolled back onto the bus then the train ( 1 hour ride to the dock)and finally the Mother ship!
A perfectly beautiful day and what a memory! There are so many wonderful people all over the world!
Today I will walk the tiny village and research Napolian s home town.
As he lie dying on a remote island he longed for" the clear blue skys of Corsica. Now I know why!

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